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Chef Jerome Ito


Jerome Ito began his culinary career in Los Angeles under the mentorship of sushi Master Chef Andy Matsuda.  His time in Los Angeles’ hyper-competitive sushi market refined his technique and shaped his classic, yet innovative and forward approach to Japanese cuisine. 


Jerome Ito relocated to the Bay Area and became the Head Sushi Chef at Kitchen Sync, Google's first full sushi bar.  He then launched a pop up restaurant series, which showcased his modern take on Japanese cuisine.  


In November 2015, Jerome and his wife, opened Go Fish Poke Bar, one of the first to introduce light, fresh, and delicious poke to the Bay Area.  Go Fish now has 5 locations and offers full catering services. 


Jerome Ito went to Japan and Singapore, where he found himself a student once more -  this time at the famed Yamato Udon School. Here, he found new skills, new technology, a deeper appreciation for traditional culinary technique, and most importantly fresh, innovative ideas to bring home to his latest restaurant, Taro San Japanese Noodle Bar.  

Taro San will continue to honor the tradition of serving every patron as one would their closest family members: with the best ingredients, exacting attention, and above all else, joy in the craft. Taro San Japanese Noodle Bar embraces this ethos in its very design and takes it even further with an open kitchen, modern ambiance, and inviting atmosphere to keep apace with the home of technology and innovation-- all the while serving the best food possible.    

A Bowl Brimming With Modern Technique

The preparation of a noodle can mean all the difference when it comes to texture, chewiness, and ultimately taste.  After an exhaustive search through Japan and Singapore, Taro San brings home a superior method of making udon in the Shinuchi, one of the first to be used in Silicon Valley.  Rivaling Te-Uchi handmade noodle technique, Shinuchi brings authenticity while offering superiority in taste. These delicate, yet bouncy noodles are prepared fresh and coupled to a variety of flavors from the richest to the lightest, all bathed in a light but distinctly flavorful broth unique to Taro San.

Udon noodles being made by hand.
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